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For more options, throw in some oat crackers and slices of gluten-free zucchini bread. Try these 30 yummy food ideas that will guarantee an empty platter by evening’s end! With a whopping five dips — spicy olive tapenade and smoky artichoke hummus, just to name two — and various vehicles for dipping, even cheese and meat devotees won’t miss their staples. We rounded up delicious recipes for wings, dips, and dogs for a healthier way to get your snack on during Super Bowl weekend. Fan of radishes? Party prep, on the other hand, can be less of a blast. The next time there’s a party, try one of these healthy homemade dips made with everything from Greek yogurt to goat cheese. Get inspired by our favourites, and fill your summer platters with antipasto, seafood, and fresh fruit and veg. Start or finish your party with a platter of these finger foods: “Spinach adds … Another pro tip: Throw in homemade crackers for extra brownie points. The latter method works particularly well if you're serving cheeses after dinner. 1. Spinach Deviled Eggs. The hard part: picking the best pairings. This old school family favorite get revamped with quick and easy pickled veggies that you can make homemade or buy at the store. It’s hard to go wrong with a classic meat and cheese board. We also love serving it with olive tapenade and hummus to encourage even more veggie consumption… and because they’re delicious. More Ideas. Filled with fresh fruit, yogurt, honey, and granola, it’s the perfect way to keep things healthy (and mellow) so you can still cherish your morning cup in your pajamas. Obtain the dish . But there are lots of shortcuts you can take — ones that will appear far from simple to your guests. Who doesn’t love a good party? Plan your base ingredients according to what is in season, such as strawberries, cherries, nectarines and melon, as well as cucumber, beans and asparagus. Who needs crackers? Throwing a party can be a blast, but only if you’re not too exhausted from all the prep work, right? Take your holiday entertaining to the Mediterranean with a tapas platter complete with hummus and other snacks to keep your guests happy! Chip lovers, rejoice. Summer Tapas Antipasto Cheese Board Recipe | Take Two Tapas, Take your holiday entertaining to the Mediterranean with a tapas platter complete with hummus meze and other snacks to keep your guests happy! But don’t worry — there are plenty of meats and cheeses too. Go on and dig in to these masterpieces with your guests. Check out all these tips for putting together a great tray of veggies for any party or even just afternoon snacking with the kids! Can’t decide what to make for dessert? Pairing with Champagne is strongly encouraged. (Oh, and a cheesecake fondue too.). cherry tomatoes, marinated artichoke hearts, italian vinaigrette salad dressing and … Can’t decide between meat and cheese, hummus and veggies, or bread and fruit? You deserve it. This brunch platter couldn’t be simpler — or more beautiful. The Easiest Crudité Tray can be put together in less than 10 minutes for a stress-free holiday party! Fill a large platter with crushed ice. Top with fresh herbs and chopped pistachios, and hey, if you fancy some baguette, we won’t tell. Check out all these party platter and party tray ideas that are easy to put together and will satisfy a large group of people. Add whatever dippers you fancy — fresh fruit is our fave — as long as there’s a nice balance of sweet and salty. Anyone would go gaga over this cheese and crackers and fruit & jam platter! How to Make a Party Tray Like a Pro | Better Homes & Gardens The more fresh and healthy snacks that trim your platter, the happier your guests will be as the day progresses. Check out all these party Our content does not constitute a medical consultation. Stick to lighter cheeses like goat, feta, and mozzarella, so everything blends well. #crudite #platter #dip #display #board #vegetable #CruditéTray #CruditéPlatter #veggietray, Need a killer cheese board? © 2020 Greatist a Red Ventures Company. Date night dessert fondue platter for two, Fresh fruit board with ricotta blend, granola, and wildflower honey, Crudité platter with dairy-free tzatziki sauce, 19 Dinner Party Ideas That Look Fancy but Are Super Easy, 32 Healthy Super Bowl Snack Recipes That Score Big, 7 Air Fryer Recipes That Make the Best Faux-Fried Party Foods, 34 Healthy Dips to Bring to the Party (That Aren’t Guac or Hummus), Spice Up Your Next Dinner Party with These 6 Bean Dishes. 24 Ideas for Party Food Platter Ideas [email protected][Chips and dip is always a party favored, however, for a variation on the timeless standby, provide eggplant chips a try. Perfect for feeding many, they’re a great option whether you’re hosting or bringing a plate. An easy way to spice up classic crudité platters is to go extra colorful with the veggies. Check out my cheese board tutorial for your next party and feed a crowd of picky eaters! Antipasto Platter Tips – 14 Ideas for the Perfect Antipasti Platter An antipasto platter is a delicious combination of cheeses, vegetables and meats, usually served with good wines. Creamy bean dip packed with flavor and topped with all sorts of ooey gooey cheese, baked to dipping perfection. Freshen up your mom's relish tray with this new modern twist! Try the watermelon variety. The air fryer is the perfect kitchen appliance to make healthy appetizers for your next party. Arrange the seafood and fish on a large platter(s) and serve with breads and garnishes and sauces. Do this by placing the disposable tray on a real pizza pan while transporting it from the kitchen to the serving table. This easy party tray is filled with sweet and savory snacks that are perfect for kids of all ages! To keep things simple, opt for hummus and tzatziki and pair with toasted pita wedges, whole-wheat crackers, and sliced veggies. Gluten-free, nut-free, vegetarian, vegan… this platter provides a healthy assortment that will satisfy everyone’s dietary needs. You can use disposable aluminum pizza pans as platters, but support the bottom of the tray lest it buckle. | Take Two Tapas | #ChristmasDesserts #SnackPlatter #CheeseBoard, Take your entertaining to the Mediterranean with a tapas meze platter complete with hummus and other snacks to keep your guests happy! Tzatziki goes with literally every type of veg, so pile the platter high with anything you’d like. Choose a soft-ripened cheese such as brie, a semi-soft cheese such as bleu and a few hard cheese options, such as cheddar and Swiss. Perfect for a summer barbecue or beach party, these flavors pair wonderfully with a glass of crisp white wine or rosé. Serve the oysters on ice and serve with lemon wedges, Tobasco sauce and freshly grated horseradish. #CheeseBoard #CheeseBoardTips #Cheese #PartyTips #EasyEntertaining #EntertainingTips #tutorial #appetizers #Holiday, Put together a fun and festive Christmas Snack Platter for your holiday party. Nov 6, 2020 - Are you looking for a way to serve a crowd? Who needs crackers? With air fryer recipes, you can serve party foods that…. Even if the oatmeal or pasta has been dressed with flavorful ingredients like butter and spices, it looks like a plain dish of starch. We love how the plate keep things (slightly) on the healthy side with chocolate hummus and lots of fresh fruit and nuts. Though we love the assortment as is, it’s also fun to try different nuts (like pistachios or spiced almonds) and whatever fruit is in season. Imagine being served a bowl of plain oatmeal or a dish of pasta without any sauce. See more ideas about charcuterie, food platters, cheese platters. | Take Two Tapas | #RelishTray #PickledVegetables, The perfect summer appetizer is an antipasto cheese board. Full of healthy fats, protein, fiber, and fresh produce, this is a great plate to accompany grilled meat — or a few pizzas. We love Greek yogurt and unsweetened coconut yogurt for anyone avoiding dairy, as well as various granolas. How about serving a little bit of everything? Above all, there is always many snacks to suit the crowd. Mediterranean Tapas Meze Platter for Your Holiday Entertaining Recipe Tutorial #Mediterranean #Hummus #Platter #Entertaining #Greek. For a large party, consider offering a few different types of yogurt. Garnish with herbs and lemon slices if desired. Make summer entertaining easy this year with grazing platters. Sep 5, 2020 - Explore Linda Scott Spinden Child's board "Charcuterie Trays", followed by 325 people on Pinterest. Full of fruits, meats, cheeses, nuts, and olives it is perfect for satisfying all your guests at the same time! #christmasrecipes #holidayrecipes #cheeseboard #snackplatters, Put together a fun and festive Christmas Snack Platter for your holiday party. #christmasrecipes #holidayrecipes #cheeseboard. We love this board’s mix of textures and flavors and pop of color from the fruit and olives. This meat and cheese platter uses melon as an alternative, adding all kinds of color and juiciness to a seemingly simple plate. See a certified medical professional for diagnosis. And don’t worry about waste: Leftovers can be used to make a great Greek salad. Feel free to go wild with everything else. Love eating veggies? I could make a meal out of this dip! Kale is a good choice and is not generally expensive. crushed ice, jumbo shrimp, sauce, littleneck clams, crabs, lobsters and 3 more. Store bought cookies are super easy and delicious, add some dark chocolate and wine. Prosciutto and Fig Salad Board. When you want your first course to make your … From cooking countless dishes to mixing pitchers of cocktails (OK, that’s pretty fun) to tidying up before and after, being a host is no easy feat. Been asked to bring a plate to a pal’s gathering and don’t want to chicken out with a cheese platter yet again? Aug 12, 2020 - Explore Tasneem Chiboo's board "Finger foods & Platter ideas", followed by 273 people on Pinterest. Serve … Sliced fruit, chocolate, and a few simple spreads go a long way — and mean you don’t have to commit to one flavor. See more ideas about finger foods, food, recipes. The gorgeous color and pleasant preference pair flawlessly with fresh cilantro pesto. Beans are a tasty and versatile ingredient to add to any dinner party menu, whether you’re craving a savory dip, a taco salad, or a hearty bowl of…. Place the seafood and lemons artfully on top of the ice. It’s dressed up with a fresh bruschetta topping — which is a breeze to make — and drizzled with thick balsamic. Learn how to create a cookie board to serve guests or take to a party. Slam-dunk recipes for vegetarian, seafood, meat, and poultry entrees impressive enough for company. You don’t have to! Party for 2, 5, 10… no matter the size, it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate fondue. Our favorite hack: party platters. It’s a great … Salad platter with chicken salad, tuna salad and pasta salad. This party platter uses a bit of everything — berries, nuts, olives, dips, cheese, meat, bread — to make everyone happy. Since the chopped veg make such a great topper, we say put a bowl of extra to the side so people can load up as needed. Decorating with flowers is optional. Party food platters are ideal for get-together as it can be adjusted according to the number of guests. Remember to buy some greenery to decorate your food platters and divide multiple foods on a single platter. If you are holding a sophisticated and classy affair, prepare a fruit and cheese platter, complete with a wide variety of cheese and seasonal fruit. And since it’s so simple, we say there’s no shame in a mimosa (or two). Seafood platter with shrimp, crab legs, lobster claws, oysters, lemon wedges for garnish and cocktail sauce. Perfect for Spring snacking! Some other platter ideas include: Chocolate dipping platter served with fresh fruit, marshmallows, pretzels, graham crackers and donut holes. Melon and prosciutto platter. 1. #Mediterranean #Hummus #Entertaining #Greek, Take Two Tapas - Easy Appetizers, Tapas, Party Foods, & Cocktails. A selection of oyster, smoked salmon, and prawns served with wine or cold beer is enough for a great party. Instead of orange carrots, opt for multicolored ones. Fruit Christmas Tree: This fruity Christmas tree with a golden pineapple tree topper is looking too … Chocolate-caramel fondue, to be exact. This is an excellent example of how buying your favorite snacks at the store can actually come together to create the perfect party platter. #Mediterranean #Hummus #Platter #Entertaining #Greek, A modern take on a Relish Tray for an easy party appetizer! A plate of food looks most appealing when there's a high level of contrast in colors. With the right ingredients — most of which don’t require cooking — and strategic plating, party platters can easily be the prettiest (and tastiest) way to please guests. Ham And Cheese Pinwheels Cheese Party Football Food Appetizer Recipes Party Appetizers Christmas Appetizers Sandwich Recipes Pinwheel Appetizers Pinwheel Recipes Wish you could throw together a vegetable tray that is crowd pleasing and will wow all your friends and family? From cheese to chocolate to dip galore, these no-fuss party platters are definitely worth celebrating. We love that this platter keeps thing so low-key that you don’t even have to take the store-bought hummus out of its package. They’ll look great and taste even better. These party platters will help you prep like a pro, create an Insta-worthy spread, and still have the energy for a great time. Are you looking for a way to serve a crowd? Serve the cheeses either on a platter (or more than one if needed) or plate the cheeses individually. This meat and cheese platter … Mezze platters are a great way to spread the (nutritious) love. Christmas Snack Platter - Dessert Board for Kids and Adults! This easy party tray is filled with sweet and savory snacks that are perfect for kids of all ages! 30 Tasty Fruit Platters for Just about Any Celebration .

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