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(c) conditioning of compost (c) Fennel (b) Sympodial (a) Lemon grass The Horticulture Quiz Questions for Horticulture Technician Previous Year Question Paper available. The mushroom ………..is resistant to all the known mushroom viruses and to nematode Apenchoides sacchari. A flexible pouch capable of withstanding autoclavable temperature (about 120oC) when food products are packed and sealed inside them (d) Cladobotrym dendroides, 96. (a) Asgand Your final result will NOT be dependant upon the exam alone ….we take everything you have done throughout your studies into account! (c) Crescent (b) Molybdenum Forcing of plants to flower in a particular flush is done mainly to Forestry. Lentinula edodes, a culinary medicinal mushroom is Rated 4.80 out of 5 ₹ 500.00 ₹ 99.00. The left column indicates the years for which the past exam papers for this department is available. SSC Exam Notification. The male reproductive parts of a flower. (b) Carnation @agristudyinfo. (d) low fibre and high sodium contents, 97. (b) Solan Mushroom spawn is a pure mushroom ………….growing on sterilized grain medium. (c) growing boxes, training boxes and final presentation pot. TNPSC Question Papers; Exams Notifications . (d) None of these, 24. (c) between 25º and 35º0C Yellow mould disease of mushrooms is caused by In Maharashtra, sweet orange is commercially propagated by using root stock…? UPSC Exams Notification. Give an example … (c) get good quality fruits botrytis *Horticulture Practices: 30 minutes / 50 questions *Safety: 30 minutes / 50 questions *Plant Identification: 30 minutes / 50 plants *Open Book: 90 minutes / 50 questions Students are not required to complete all four exam sections in one sitting. (b) Cymbidium (d) Black pepper, 74. (c) Vanilla Before downloading the question paper pdf go through the exam pattern given below. (d) High humidity, 50. Ag r iExam Quiz " At Agriexam.com You Can Read Horticulture Question Answer for Exams Like IBPS- AFO (Agriculture Field Officer) Iffco, Kribhco, NFL, NSC, ICAR-JRF/SRF/ ARS, IARI, TNAU, RAEO, RHEO, ADO, SADO, DDA, ADA, MP Vyapam (PEB), FCI, ASRB, ARS,B.sc. Colouring and polishing are two important post harvest operations in which of the following spices? (c) Fenugreek Delete Quiz. (d) above 27ºC, 8. (c) obtain high-starch contents For such candidates, we have provided the Horticulture MCQs Horticulture Specialist Question Paper with Answer pdf to prepare better for the exam and have a career on this board. 1) The peach is originally from _____. (d) Opium poppy, 52. …………is cultivated for its highly fragrant leaves which contain a very sweet smelling oil of lasting stickly odour with good blending properties. c) Anthocyanins. Are carpenter bees more abundant this year? (a) Guggal (a) Water melon (b) Check basin system (c) Japanese Growth regulator commonly used for fruit thinning is (b) presentation boxes, growing boxes and training boxes. (d) Bunching, 38. answer choices . (c) entire seeds turn yellow Bank Exams Notification. The absorption of chemical solution containing sugar and germicides through flower stem, which is especially beneficial for flowers destined for long periods of storage or long distance transportation, is (d) Milky mushroom, 92. Ideal stage of tomato harvesting from kitchen garden for table purpose? When you click on a particular year, you will find the Table of Contents for that years paper appear. ….…orchids have horizontal growth habit and the new growth develops from rhizomes. (a) Vicia faba (d) Climbers in walls, 33. (a) 3 to 4 (c) 7 to 8 Agriculture Exam, University Exam,KVK Agriculture Supervisor ,Assistant Agriculture Officer, Central Warehouse Corporation , Food Corporation of India, And Other Agricultural Exam And horticulture exams, Onion me bolting low temparature se hoti h but isme ans high temparature le rha h, Your email address will not be published. Horticulture is the major subject group in icar jrf exam and horticulture highly scopic subject some exam like sms (subject matter specialist ) adh shdeo and rheo govt jos required horticulture subject . (d) Cattleya, 39. (d) 10 to 11, 77. 20 Questions Show answers. A garden of naturalistic design in which irregular massing of the landscape elements predominates is (d) Market intelligence information, 80. (a) Nardostachys jatamansi Horticultural University, ... HORTICET 2020 exam pattern consists of 200 objective type questions. (b) Mint (d) Gnetum montanum, 47. (c) Triploid The plant portion of commercial importance in Withania somnifera is the Rajendra Swathi is an improved variety of The leaves of ……………contain an aromatic oil, with a characteristic lemon-like odour, containing 75 to 80% citral. I hope you will like the video and please share with your friends. we provide complete pdf notes and e book for compete jrf, srf,net,ars, and all type agriculture competition exam We are not official publisher of Government Recruitment Agency. RHS Exams. (a) Water garden (b) Expressing nature aesthetically CAT Exam Notification. (b) Diallyl disulfide The green mould disease of mushroom caused by Trichoderma spp. The purpose of an exam is for us to test how you respond when you are confronted with the unexpected. All cole crops originated from a wild plant (b) 25º to 30ºC (b) Oleoresin (b) Agaricus bitorquis If button mushrooms are allowed to grow further to reveal pink gills due to ruptured veil, they are known as (a) Shimla (b) Musk melon gemmifera Sale! 2. Many of the candidates had applied for the Horticulture Therapist. (a) High storage temperature (d) Carotene, 6. 1. In budding and grafting, the union between stock and scion takes place through? (d) Root cutting, 40. (a) Seed • You can create your profile and see your result history with just one click. (c) Small cardamom (d) Vetiver, 59. How much tomato average production (q.) (a) Leaves (c) Spinach (d) Shillong, 90. Number of Questions Added: #51-55. Railway Exams Notification. (d) all of these, 21. Required fields are marked *, Your result has been entered into leaderboard. (a) Water Last Updated: 24/09/2019 at 07:56 am IST. (b) Lemon grass (b) Radiating (c) Allin (a) Seed propagation (c) 180 to 200 days Mushroom is specially recommended food for diabetic patients because of (b) Pointed gourd It is designed to help you learn the material. The pungency of chilli is due to (b) Paddy straw mushroom We acknowledge the Images and Logos used here which do not under our copyright by providing the URL of the respective websites. (b) Rauvolfia Horticulture . Horticulture MCQ Exam Quiz Key Features of this APP: • At practice mode you can see the explanation describing the correct answer. (b) Saucer (a) below 18ºC Half slip and full slip are maturity indices in which of the following vegetables? (c) Shiitake mushroom 87. (a) Cinnamon We have provided the Horticulture Quiz Questions for Grounds Manager Solved Papers to give proper guidance for the aspirants who are preparing for Horticulture Quiz Questions for Plantation Manager written exam. (c) Stem cuttings (a) Black pepper In biennial radishes, flowering is greatly influnced by? (d) all of these, 76. (c) Root cutting a) Polopolysulphonase. Red light promotes the synthesis. In cabbage the edible portion is known as? Whiptail of cauliflower is due to deficiency of (a) Plants in rockery (a) lesser than (c) Curcumin If there are questions regarding assessment of this program, please contact the agriculture instructional design specialist at the Research and Curriculum Unit at 662.325.2510. (d) Stem cutting, 3. (Hons.) (b) Hypha 2020. (a) Cup 2. (a) increase seed production Horticulture MCQ’s– Horticulture is a Major branch of Agriculture.Further, Horticulture is divided into three branches. (b) Co-operative organization Open spaces decorated with ornamental plants and other design, shape and structure and which are situated usually on the cross section or junction of roads are called                (d) Coriander, 72. Mock Test for JRF Horticulture (1200+ Question)- 2020. Black Heart disease of potato is due to Agriculture Exam,M.sc. (b) Clove Agriculture Exam, University Exam,KVK Agriculture Supervisor … (c) Radish (a) 0.10-0.15 mm (a) Retortable pouches Below are some questions that have been posed to the Caldwell Extension Center. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The lycopene pigment production in tomato fruits drops off rapidly at a temperature (c) Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (a) Chrysanthemum (c) Kewada (a) high photosynthetic efficiency (b) Ocimum basilicum The most common mode of propagation in colocasia is through b) Catalase. (b) Aseptic package (d) Palms – flowers and seeds; Ferns – cones; Cycads – spores, 35. The plant also known as Indian ginseng is NOTE: Exams may be structured in any way. (c) Net houses can be controlled by Ans. HORTICULTURE 1. (b) Naga king chilli 2. (c) Hippocratus (d) None of these, 15. The edible portion of knolkhol is Check the Tamilnadu PSC Question Papers for reference purpose. The temperature requirement for cultivation of oyster mushroom is (d) Seed, 89. (d) all of these, 84. (a) Conditioning (a) Market bulletin (d) Celery, 58. (a) Agaricus bisporus (b) Vine cutting The candidates who are preparing for Horticulture MCQs for Horticulture Therapist Exam and in search for preparation tips & pattern to prepare for the written exam.Applicants can get Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulture Specialist & Horticulture MCQs for Horticulture Therapist Exam Pattern, Horticulture MCQs Grounds Manager and Horticulture Questions and Answers Syllabus from our website. (c) Pakistan (a) Apium graveolens Winged bean is (a) 60 to 90 days (b) Dioscorea deltoidea (c) opened flowers (b) GA (c) Market survey You can also download the Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Grounds Manager Exam with Horticulture Questions and Answers Sample Questions with answers for free. (c) Phosphorus and potassium (b) between 20 to 24ºC ARS NET Previous Questions: Fruit Science - Horticulture 1. California Wonder is a cultivar of Agriculture. 1. (d) None of these, 13. (b) Terrace garden (a) Haploid IFFCO AGT Mock Test 2020. Hopefully you have received some of the moisture to help your landscape and garden. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. (c) Broccoli Use this study guide & quizzes to become a certified horticulturist. (d) Ca, 23. (d) Ridge Gourd, 12. d) Paclobutrazol. (a) Curd Question 1 . (a) Brassica oleraceae var. HORTICET 2021 Important Dates. Proper seed germination of bitter gourd will take place at a temperature Number of Correct Questions : 0 and scored 0 b) Zeatin. The mushroom characterized by a milky large sporophore and having delicious flavour is Candidates can download Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulture Specialist old Papers pdf from the links provided below. Follow Us on Edubilla.com About us Vision Mission Blog News Site Map Share Links Advertise with us Contact & support. (d) Milky mushroom, 93. New Agriculture Vacancies (c) China (b) Asiatic (c) Oils (a) it promotes seed stalk To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Isabgol (Plantago sp.) (c) Cymbopogon winterianus QUESTIONS 51-55 PURCHASE PDF HORTICULTURE MCQ'S AND EXPLANATION #SERIES 01: PURCHASE 150 SET OF NEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS WITH EXPLANATION AND OTHER TOPICS (HORTICULTURE) @25 INR. The major floriculture product exported from India comprises of (b) Senna Test meant to help you pass because you are stupid. (a) Pleurotus spp. (a) proper pasteurization (a) Saussurea costus (b) high temperature (a) European (c) Lotuses in water gardens You have attempted : 0 • Real exam style full mock exam with timed interface • Ability to create own quick mock by choosing the number of MCQ’s. (c) Oyster mushroom (c) Picturesque (d) Afghanistan, 60. (c) Fennel (b) Mycogone perniciosa (a) Tuber (a) Myanmar (a) Bricks Also, use this TNPSC horticulture officer and Assistant director of horticulture Exam previous question paper. Horticulture Multiple Choice Objective Questions are asked from its three major branches viz. The papers are arranged from year one. Add to cart. (d) growing boxes, presentation pot and training boxes. Following garden type is also known as ‘alpine garden’. (b) Chamomile (a) Palms – flowers and seeds; Ferns – spores; Cycads – cones (c) Rose (a) Bacterial and fungal infections The principal nutrient applied through fertigation in greenhouse cultivation is The enzyme which is responsible for softening of several types of fruits is. You have already completed the Test before. Horticulture. (c) Delhi HORTICET 2021 - Horticulture Common Entrance Test acronym as HORTICET is conducted by Dr. Y.S.R. (b) India (a) Saffron (c) Knolkhol (a) Piper longum (d) Volvariella volvacea, 94. The costliest spice in the spice horizon is 2) A plant such as a cucumber, that has separate male and female flowers on the same plant is said to be? (c) Miniature gardens (a) Shiitake mushroom All exam questions are multiple choice or true/false. (a) N (a) Cucumber In bonsai culture, repotting is usually done in different boxes in the following order (b) Traffic islands Results for September exams are due for release on 2 December. Add to cart. (a) Cumin A response will appear in the window below the question to let you know if you are correct. (b) Brinjal (c) Oncidium Refer the Tamilnadu Horticulture officer solved papers with your regular preparation to make your preparation perfect. (c) Volvariella spp. (b) Brassica oleraceae var. a) Xanthophyll. ‘Cole slaw’ and ‘Sauerkraut’ are produced from Sale! Horticulture Multiple Choice Questions and Answers! (c) T-budding (b) Paddy straw mushroom (a) Samuel (c) B deficiency Brown Heart is a common physiological disorder in In this post, we have attached the last 10 years TNPSC assistant director of horticulture officer model papers for your convenience. Calyx splitting is a major physiological disorder in which of the following crops? (d) Air layering, 64. (b) Stem Blossom end rot of tomato is due to deficiency of The Japanese flower arrangement called ‘Ikebana’ literally means SURVEY . Out of the total mushroom production in India, which of the following spp. (d) Pleuratus florida, 100. (a) Black pepper sylvestris (b) Corms Many of the candidates had applied for the Horticulture Therapist. (d) 210 to 250 days, 63. The absolute extracted through solvent extraction of French jasmine flower is traded as May 2021; Last Date for Submission of Application Forms: (d) Terrariums, 34. (c) Green pepper (b) obtain early-maturing crops             (a) Red pepper (c) Na Benzoate (b) between 10º and 20ºC So, you might find at times the answers obvious, but you will see it re-enforces your understanding as you take the test each time. You may say that you thrive under certain types of pressure. (d) Bird-eye chilli, 70. SURVEY . Read more.... Educational Books. (d) Anthurium, 36. (b) Stem cutting Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. (d) Psophocarpus tetragonolobus, 14. Vine cutting and root suckers are propagating materials in which of the following crops? (d) Buds, 91. (d) None of these, 71. (b) Pleurotus spp. You must sign in or sign up to start the Test. (b) Capsicin comprises more than 90% production? (c) Brassica oleraceae var. (c) Tetra packs (b) Stem (d) Nutmeg, 65. (c) high oxygen level (c) it induces tip-burn injury We sincerely follow Copyright Law. Add to cart. Furthermore, the contenders can also find and download the Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulturist as well as Horticulture General Knowledge Questions for Horticulture Technician from the link given below in the post. Horticulture Practice Aptitude Quiz. (d) Ginger, 73. Hard fruits of citrus is due to the deficiency of? Growing of vegetables around the house for family consumption is called as……..? (d) Betel Vine, 69. 88. (d) Plantago ovata, 51. (c) Small cardamom (d) Radish, 9. (d) Shoot, 17. OSSSC Horticulture Extension Worker Previous year papers, model papers, old questions papers, exam pattern pdf links are mentioned below.OSSSC Horticulture Extension Worker HEW Old Question Papers Pdf is available in this article for the candidates who are preparing for the exam. (d) 32º to 38ºC, 98. Horticulture Subjects Exam Questions. (b) Grasses in lawns (d) Red pepper, 75. (d) Brassica oleraceae var. Students will be assessed using the Horticulture MS‐CPAS2 test. (d) Intermittent mist, 78. Which of the following is not a method of precooling of flowers? Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Biomolecules Questions and Answers in Biology for Class 11 and Class 12, WB Primary TET Bengali Language Question Papers for Preparation, SBI Apprentice Previous Question Papers Download for Practice and Preparation, SBI Apprentice Quantitative Aptitude Question Papers from Previous Year, WB Primary TET Environmental Science Question Papers from Previous Year. (a) PDA (a) Seeds Horticulture Common Entrance Test is a state-level exam conducted by Dr.Y.S.R. Floriculture, Pomology and Olericulture in different Agricultural Competitive Exams. (b) Knob Bleaching is an important operation followed in (c) 28º to 34ºC (a) Cardamom Rated 4.63 out of 5 ₹ 100.00 ₹ 25.00. (a) Phototropic (c) Withania somnifera (d) Chilling injury, 19. Work includes: propagation, production and maintenance of plants for sales or hire; wholesaling and retailing of plants and associated products; giving advice on plant selection and garden design and; marketing and promoting plant products and services. (b) Turmeric OSSSC Horticulture Extension Worker Model Papers with Answer Solutions here. Our motto is to help job aspirants sharing knowledge. (d) None of these, 82. (d) None of these, 4. Ag r iExam Quiz " At Agriexam.com You Can Read Horticulture Question for Exams Like IBPS- AFO (Agriculture Field Officer) Iffco, Kribhco, NFL, NSC, ICAR-JRF/SRF/ ARS, IARI, TNAU, RAEO, RHEO, ADO, SADO, DDA, ADA, MP Vyapam (PEB), FCI, ASRB, ARS,B.sc. (d) None of these, 46. Floriculture. (c) 2.0-3.0 mm (b) it causes bitter taste of leaves (b) Concrete (d) Polyethylene81. (a) Flowers kept alive 30 seconds . B . (c) Roots Though it is checked by experience experts but we are not taking any responsibilities about the correctness of contents. Agriculture Exam,M.sc. (c) Verticillium fungicola 29. (d) above 40ºC, 16. (b) Bangladesh (b) Betel vine An example of plant growth hormone is. (a) Nitrogen and sulphur All previous year question papers published on our blog / Website is collected form candidate’s memory. (c) Sky, earth and mankind (d) None of these, 7. d) Carotenoids. (c) Mn (d) Topiaries, 26. (c) Aloe barbadensis ICMRs recommendation of vegetables per individual is? (b) Pointed Gourd The major export destination of ginger from NE India is Which of the following is the most widely grown Orchid genus in north-eastern Himalayan region? (b) Plugging of xylem vessels (c) Palms – cones; Ferns – spores; Cycads – flowers and seeds 3. Which of the following is a cause of deterioration of harvested flowers? acephala, 20. (d) all of these. (b) Oyster mushroom c) Polyhydrase. (b) Sucrose Agriculture Field Officer(IBPS-AFO). (a) Cauliflower (c) good source of vitamins but low in minerals High temperature is not suitable because (b) Knob The temperatures inside greenhouses are …………the ambient temperature. (b) Geotropic Golden Acre and Pride of India are cultivars of Number of Incorrect Questions : 0 and Negative marks 0. Agriculture Soil Science Important Study Table (6), IFFCO Agriculture Graduate Trainee Syllabus & Pattern Mains Admit Card, Agriculture Question Bank Agri Economics One Liner Questions (10), Agriculture Question Bank Agri Economics One Liner Questions (9). (b) low calorific food with no cholesterol and no starch (b) Cauliflower Candidates have secured 1 mark for each correct answer, while there is no negative marking. (a) Seeds (d) Flooding, 85. The first edible mushroom cultivated in India was You have to finish following quiz, to start this Test: Your Final Score is : 0 (b) Hydrocooling (b) Mo (c) Berry Which chemical is used for de-greening of fruit? these are some basic questions of horticulture along with the explanation and the additional point. Trashing is an important operation in the cultivation of (d) Liquorice, 49. (d) Modern design, 25. Horticulture Questions and Answers are available here to download for free. (a) Circular The exam paper and the syllabus helps the aspirants in clearing the examination and thus we upload examination paper and the question paper on the daily basis so that the aspirant can get whole profit from us and by preparing it hard one can easily crack the examination. ‘Seed Plot Technique’ in potato cultivation was developed in order to Watermelon without seeds are b) Chlorophyll. (d) Metal affected, 31. (c) Pseudomonopodials (b) 50% of the seeds dry up (c) Boron The spikes of cut flowers like gladiolus, antirrhinum, etc are sensitive to ……bending and hence must be stored and transported in upright position. (b) Bud-opening (A) IBA (B) Cytokinin (C) Gibberalic Acid (D) Ethylene . Which of the following is prepared after removing outer pericarp of black pepper berries? 131 Cards – 5 Decks – 49 Learners Sample Decks: Annual Plants, Perennial Plants, Perennial Plants 2 Show Class HORT 1047 Horticulture 1. Hence you can not start it again. Mock test With PDF+Practice Quiz for (ICAR , JRF , BHU , Pre-PG etc.) is a type of (d) Ca, 32. Source of costus oil is (c) similar to (a) IAA Slow-rooting cuttings are kept alive for a long period of time, giving them a chance to root before they die from dessication, through (a) Cabbage (c) Mycelium (b) Micro-propagation (c) Tomato Agriculture Exam,M.sc. Answer tips. Commercial propagation of large cardamom is through (c) Pulsing (c) Sweet pepper (a) Agaricus spp. Horticultural University (Dr. YSRHU), Venkataramannagudem for admission to Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Honours Program of the university. Exams for February 2021 can now be booked; please note the RHS now raises its fees every year in September, so there is a new rate for 2021 exam fees. (c) Sunken garden (d) Coriander, 61. (c) Live plants This quiz is incomplete! Rated 4.46 out of 5 ₹ 250.00 ₹ 129.00. Pleurotus spp. Growing of coconut, black pepper and ginger in same field, simultaneously is called? 30. We have all you need to ace your horticulture test. (a) Shiitake mushroom (c) it requires regular cleaning to maintain maximum light transmission (b) 5 to 6 Tropical type of carrots is also known as (a) White pepper (d) fully ripe fruits, 66. (d) Tissue-culture, 53. The Horticulture Quiz Questions for Horticulture Technician Previous Year Question Paper available. (d) Tumerol, 68. Student Prerequisites (b) Betelvine (a) Black pepper (c) Palmarosa oil grass (d) Chemical cooling, 43. Who is known as the father of modern medicines? of Questions= 10 INSTRUCTIONS: To answer a question, click the button in front of your choice. You can test your knowledge of horticulture with this helpful quiz and worksheet combo. (c) Root Agriculture Exam, University Exam,KVK Agriculture Supervisor ,Assistant … (a) Hot beds (b) it have a short life span (b) Vanilla The largest producer, consumer and exporter of spices in the world is (d) Cymbopogon flexuosus, 57. (a) Seeds (b) Cold season (b) higher than (d) Fresh bulbs, 37. The following type of irrigation is suitable for undulating topography and also popular in greenhouses Trade of following plant or plant parts collected from wild is not permitted since it is included in CITES Appendix – I Q. (c) Oil (a) Leaf (b) Informal design The most popular variety of ………… among Indian farmers is Shiwalik. (b) Phaseolus lunatus Stamen. There is no standard structure. (c) Turmeric (d) Nardostachys jatamansi, 45. Start studying Horticulture 2050: Exam 1. may be yield from one hectare ? (d) Phosphorus and sulphur, 86. (a) Warm season ‘Navashree’ and ‘Nithyashree’ are commercial varieties of (d) White button mushroom, 95. For such candidates, we have provided the Horticulture MCQs Horticulture Specialist Question Paper with Answer pdf to prepare better for the exam and have a career on this board. Practice Quiz for Horticulture : No. Phosphorus. Choose the course code or the paper title to view the paper.

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