Water Fed Pole Window Cleaning
Cleaning windows via Water Fed Pole technology is efficient, cost effective and safe. Pure water is sprayed through a soft bristle brush at the top of the pole to remove the dirt. The pure water attracts dirt and impurities before being rinsed away. The water is then left to evaporate leaving a spotless finish.
Windows can be cleaned up to heights of 65ft (20m) by an operative working at ground level. The major benefit of this is that it ensures that your company is complying with recent changes to Health & Safety legislation, in particular the Work at Height Directive. In addition Water Fed Poles:-

  • Minimises damage to buildings
  • Reduces disturbance to the occupants of the building
  • Access to difficult to reach areas

The traditional method of cleaning windows professionally is via a ladder. In 2005 new working at heights regulations were introduced, which stated that work at height was not to be carried out if it could reasonably be achieved without working at height. This provoked controversy that ladders were banned, but the HSE cleared the matter up by giving out the message that ladders could be used if the work was low risk and short duration, but in other situations alternatives were to be sought.
To comply with health and safety alternatives have to be found, in order to reach those high up places where ladders are not recommended. Ladders are, after all, a risk factor to contend with so if a viable option is on offer, why take that risk? The old adage still holds true – better to be safe than sorry!
Water fed pole systems are by far the most effective and easy to operate alternative. Consisting of a long pole with a squeegee on the end through which water is fed, they enable window cleaners to stand safely at ground level and reach those inaccessible places. They are suitable for domestic and business use and produce an excellent finish, once the operator has learnt the skills necessary to handle them. They are kind to the environment as they use only pure water with nothing added and give greater privacy to users of the building. For the professional window cleaner they are efficient and cost effective, more than paying off the initial outlay over time.
After initial scepticism within in the industry, more and more users have been converted by their gleaming results and now agree that they definitely are the future of window cleaning.
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